The miracle thing inside the pizza box

Let’s start with the aluminum foil in the pizza package of Pizza 4Ps.

Everyone knows that the frozen pizza that’s been microwaved to cook. This often will make it dry out and burn on the edges of the pizza and affect its taste.
At the Pizza 4Ps, with their dedication and care for customers, there is some aluminum foil attached to the box with an implication that: all of their customers can use foil when making cook Pizza keep the flavor of the cake more delicious. In addition, diners will not need to buy another foil because it is already included in the box.
It seems awesome. Right?
The fact that they epitomize human-centered design.

untitled image

Check the present health condition.

It’s happened in the Yakuzen restaurant.
What would it be like when you’ve not only eaten delicious and healthy cuisine, but you’ve also been diagnosed with your present health condition at your favorite restaurant?

This is one of my favorite real-life user experiences ever: many questions about your everyday life pop up in a single app. You may find out how your health is by completing the questions in the restaurant’s app. But don’t panic; this app will also recommend recipes that are appropriate for your present health condition.
It’s amazing.

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Final Thoughts: Empathy in UX Design

An empathic approach to UX design is an important step towards improving both your people skills, as well as the end products that will reach your users.
User experience can be a fairly subjective matter and it certainly varies from person to person. One user won’t have the exact same experience as another user. Thus, having empathy in UX design can require a significant effort.

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