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As the top title may have caught your eye, here we are happy to share our freshly upgraded ALIVE Vietnam website with all our dear royal clients, fans and the guest readers.

So why now and what made us to re-develop the previous website?

Let us uncover the reasons behind the renewal by reviewing one of our company mottos, ‘Always go challenge to new’,  in the following two parts.


Branding & Marketing, and UI – UX

We, ALIVE Vietnam, have been growing and winning the proud reputation from our clients and supporters of various business fields in a contribution of the valuable website design creation for the past 7 years here in Ho Chi Minh City.

As observing how the business world rapidly changes around us and the clients, we do keep going beyond of what we have been doing till now, and strengthening especially the area of Branding& Marketing and UI – UX as well as trying to venture into the games of emerging applications such as VR.

New website highlights the importance of these two areas of services in the showcase of what we can support in

Branding & Marketing

Without mentioning, a targeting marketing for expanding Vietnamese market is the must to win the users’s eyes and hearts effectively and faster than your business competitors.

Instead of putting branding and marketing in the separate lanes, we let them married for the best outcome in the thoughts of ‘How the clients should be’ and ‘How to grow further’. Yes, we are always beside you to walk this journey together instead of just serving the ideas and solutions alone.


untitled image
  • Our approach

We are not just a ‘Yes man’ here, but we always question ourselves what we can really do for our clients to give the best support from different angles and wider views to keep clients’ business brand growing.

  • What we can do

We provide a variety of services from market research to brand consulting, graphic & web design, app design, photography, etc. to support clients’ branding and marketing.

– Brand Positioning
– Visual Identity
– Market Research
– Marketing Strategy
– Promotion Planning
– Web Analysis
– Digital Advertisement Design
and more



In this era, it is critical to develop products and services which focus on improving and transforming the user experience, rather than just presenting them with a functional UI.

For apps and websites, if the UI (design and function) ignores UX, it is impossible for the user to have a comfortable experience, possibly resulting in them not wanting to use the app or website anymore and so leaving before getting the information that they need.

Even if it’s digital only, UX is still very important. By focusing on the higher purpose and goal of superior UX, the UI will naturally follow.

  • Our approach

We always keep in mind what the user’s point of view and goals are. While creating the UI (website and application design), as a matter of course, we also investigate and analyze methods to improve the UX of all the services and products together with our clients.

  • What we can do

We not only design and develop, but also consult and research to create a superior UI/UX.

– User Flow and Customer Journey
– User Analysis
– UI/ UX design
– Front end development
– CMS Implementation
and more


untitled image

What is Next.js?

Our another new challenge here for the renewed website was picking up Next.js as a programming language.

We have been using PHP so far, but by introducing the Next.js which is a new framework of JavaScript, the total performance got improved and it directly level-ups the UX in the end.

  • High site speed even with rich and heavy contents
  • High efficiency in SEO & application development
  • Higher security

Also importantly, we are experiencing the great benefits of smooth language transition in the use of multiple languages without any hassle, in our case, of Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.

For almost everyone who is willing to expand the website globally over multiple international markets, we keep supporting more efficiently with this new scheme with higher UX.


Mutual win-win future together

In the era of VUCA and rapidly changing Vietnamese market, we continuously aim to thrive together with clients, being the understanding creative supporter as best as possible by being a challenger in updated technology and latest world environment.

Not one way love, but for a mutual respect and love of the long-term cooperative relationship we keep seeking for with you.

We do hope you visit our new website and enjoy re-finding us here!


ALIVE Vietnam 

Make the best work,
and become the best to work with

Curious People. Creative Ideas.

Branding & Marketing

UI/UX Design



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