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Hello to everybody! Tsujimura from Alive Vietnam here.

I immediately check Google whenever I come across something I don’t know, however there is one thing that troubles me. In other words, you are concerned about the reliability of the material because the website’s design is quite dated or hasn’t been updated in a while.

Have you ever experienced the same thing? This seems to be a common occurrence for me when using Google in Vietnam. For the goal of acquiring clients or promoting their business, such as branding, the majority of companies spend a lot of money building or updating their websites. What would happen, though, if the expensively made website was not kept up with regular maintenance?

Over time, material loses its relevance and attractiveness to site visitors, and more and more individuals, including myself, start to have doubts about whether to believe what is provided. In addition to harming the psychology of the user, leaving the generated website unmanaged has a number of other drawbacks. If you abandon the website after it has been built, it will gradually lose its value and ability to attract customers, and the initial investment will be a waste. However, by properly updating, managing, and cultivating the constructed website, it is possible to continuously demonstrate the ability to attract customers and contribute to business development such as increased sales, thereby wasting the initial cost of building the website. Instead, it is transformed into an investment.

This time, I’d like to tell you about the negative consequences of neglecting the created website and how to avoid it.


What would happen if you leave your website alone?

1. Lose faith in website visitors

As previously stated, a website with outdated information loses visitors’ trust and makes it difficult for them to make inquiries. In many cases, visitors expect not only the company’s services and products but also the ability to make proposals and provide support. Visitors to the site will not be able to understand the company if information such as the company’s latest products and services, as well as their strengths and characteristics, support system, activity status, and so on, are not conveyed even when they look at the site. You can’t expect a corporation to solve your problems.

2. It becomes more difficult to be found on search engines like Google.

Less frequently updated websites will be ranked lower in Google search results. This is because Google has developed an algorithm that prioritizes new sites with high information value in order to provide users with fresh and reliable information. Even if it is searched, it becomes difficult to display.

3. There is also the possibility that the website will go unnoticed.

It is necessary to consider the invisible aspect of website maintenance in addition to the visible aspect. It consists of the server where the website program is installed and the CMS update system. Server operating systems, middleware, and CMS tools such as WordPress, like PC operating systems, have multiple versions, which increases security risks. My website mysteriously vanished one day. Cases like this can happen, so be cautious.


What should I do?

Here’s how you can avoid these issues.

1. Always keep your service and product information up to date.

When your company begins to handle new services or products, make sure to update the information on your website. Of course, basic information such as the number of representatives and employees due to organizational changes, address changes due to relocation, capital, and so on may change over time, so make sure to update it as soon as possible. The important thing to remember here is to be aware of what your competitors are doing. In addition to your company’s website, I believe most users are comparing it to the website of your company’s competitor.

Users will judge your relative superiority from comparison targets if you continue to firmly promote products and services that your competitors do not do or handle, and the likelihood of choosing your company will undoubtedly increase.

2. Publish information on a regular basis in NEWS and blog articles.

Let’s send out information that conveys the business value of your company via NEWS and blog articles. If it is a B2B business, you can introduce the most recent implementation results and client impressions (interviews) to your company. I believe it is also a good idea to disseminate information about how to make the best use of your company’s products and services.

When deciding on a vendor or supplier in the business-to-business world, it is very common to compare multiple companies and evaluate them on the three axes of “results, price, and support system (whether they can be trusted).” We encourage you to share valuable information. Websites with a lot of useful information will also rise in Google search rankings. Google values the above-mentioned information’s freshness and credibility, as well as its volume. As a result, a website with many pages will be visited by many people via Google search, and if your website is full of valuable information, you will receive many inquiries and requests for materials from there. It should be desired.

SEO measures are actions taken to improve Google’s search ranking and are one of the most important measures in the world of websites. Read our previous post, “SEO Basics,” for an overview of SEO strategies.

3. It is preferable to replace the entire structure every few years.

Every 3-5 years, we recommend redesigning your website. This is due to the fact that web design trends and programming technology evolve at a breakneck pace every year. For example, the resolution of a computer display that displays a website is increasing year after year, and now high-resolution displays of 4K or higher are becoming mainstream, whereas in the past the screen width was approximately 1280px. Websites designed with this in mind will now appear cramped in a large screen when viewed on a high-resolution display, clearly not keeping up with modern trends. Furthermore, we continue to see cases where the current website is too old and has not been optimized for smartphone display (responsive design), but if the current website is not optimized for smartphone display, it will not appear in Google search. It may also have an impact on your ranking.

Because the animation effects that can be expressed on websites are rapidly evolving, even websites created 3-5 years ago now appear obsolete. A site with an old design that is left unattended will undoubtedly lead to a downgrade in image, so it is necessary to focus on updating not only the content but also the appearance.

4. Review server specifications as needed.

Above that the invisible element, infrastructure maintenance, often slips our minds, but it is critical. The display speed of the site and the degree of freedom in security measures will vary depending on the web server specifications. For example, if your business is activated and a large number of people visit your website at the same time, the display may unexpectedly slow down or the server may go down. Even if you are currently using the lowest spec server for price, you should upgrade to a higher spec server plan if you need to accept a large number of people at the same time in the future.

Moreover, if you leave the operating system, middleware, CMS tools such as WordPress, and so on at a low version, you may be vulnerable to an unexpected cyber attack. Let’s make an update to.



This time, I discussed the drawbacks of leaving the website unattended and four ways to avoid them. How did you find it? Building a website is never cheap. As a result, some people may believe that they do not want to spend as much money as possible after the initial construction. Maintenance costs web production companies and server companies money, and human resources are required for content operation, so if it happens frequently, people will become numb. I understand how you might feel overwhelmed. However, as I stated at the outset, if left unattended, the initial cost will become just a cost, and if funds and resources are invested in maintenance, even if the initial cost is included, the money will end up being enormous. It is a very valuable investment because it has the potential to generate returns.

Is your website currently inactive?
If this applies to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer advice on optimal renewals and effective methods of attracting customers through websites.


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