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Life Designs is a lifestyle media that makes life more enjoyable in the Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie).

Project flow

In terms of how to proceed, there was a request to make as much detail as possible based on the future direction of the site by designing more products, in addition to the initial planned addition of functions and expansion of the target audience. We started by assessing the site’s current state.

We listed the project from the following perspectives
・Site design/UI issues

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Site design/UI issues

An online media company’s website has a ton of content, and there are a ton of pages. In addition, as smartphone usage has surpassed that of PC sites, we decided to create a new view that is more suited for browsing on mobile devices.

We designed and produced the content based on a deep understanding of the contents.

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In addition to sorting out the value of various information and arranging it in an appropriate place, we also reviewed the content part, such as adjusting and producing the design so that it would be presented in an appropriate manner.
Another thing is that we have made various improvements to the navigation UI design. For example, we raised the priority of the search information.

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