Fetch is a Pet Supply grocery mobile application, with a heightened focus on user experience. Pet parents would go out of their way to care for their fur-babies. However, it’s a busy world where we live, and more often than not, pet owners would find their schedule crammed, their work-life balance unexpectedly teetering-tottering at times. Our goal is reducing the day-to-day problems facing pet parents by offering them a time-saving application with efficient functions and services.



We aim to develop and improve the User Interface, increase the conversion rate and optimize Autoship Delivery Service.


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Project Stages

We follow the design thinking process using a user-centric approach.


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User Research

From the surveys and interviews we conducted, we analyze the quantitative and qualitative question groups; from which we form our “portraits“ of clients.


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Empathy Map & Persona

After user research and analysis, user attitudes and behaviors were assessed which are explained by empathy map and persona.


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User Flow

We then move on to create a user flow to depict a a user’s chain of actions in responding to their problems. This is the most challenging phase; since once their problems are settled, we will be able to support our customer segment and enhance their user experience, improve business indicators. As a result, our user flow helped us to find an optimal method of ordering and an exact procedure for optimal order confirmation.


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Low-Fidelity Wireframes

We use low-fidelity wireframes to pin-point the pain points that users might trample upon during their walk in the application.


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High-Fidelity Wireframes

Wireframes are used to visualize our interpretation of the app at earlier stages of a project. The research results showed us a number of pain points that prevent users from an optimized shopping experience.


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Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is the first impression of an application. It usually takes only a few seconds but determined if it can ‘hook’ a potential customer.


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UI Design: Autoship

Pet parents will often purchase the same pet supplies on a regular cycle. The subscription feature provides a convenient shopping experience. Cancellations and rescheduling can be made at any time, at no risk to the user.


Users can log in or sign up using a phone number. This is the easiest and fastest way for the user to quickly go to the home page. Then users can easily choose the product below the main visual.
Alternately, they can select the catergories in the menu bar. They can read the product details upon clicking.


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Play minigames and claim voucher

Play minigames, collect points and win rewards! They can be gifts, vouchers, and if the user is lucky-pet toys! Points can be used to redeem free-shipping vouchers and discounts.


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